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Welcome the the cluttered mind of a new author. This is going to be a journey into a new career for me and I'm hope that friends, both old and new, will travel with me on this exciting change in my life.  

Rambling Blog Post

Post of the trials and triumphs of a crazed woman trying to wrestle a website into submission, learn the ways around the quirks of publishing on Amazon and might even slip in personal events in my life. 



Donna Zink

In every thing we do there must be a beginning. Well folks, this is my beginning. It's a rocky start here on my first webpage. Frustration, AH-HA! moments, puzzlement, confusion, all blend into one big soup of: "WHAT THE HECK DID I GET INTO!?!?" 

I look forward to the day there are more AH-HA! moments than AH-HELL!

So expect weird pages that link to nothing, pages that are linked but have content that has nothing to do with my website, cute little buttons you push and they just stare at you. Hey, if this is going to drive me crazy, you might as well hop in the car with me, roll down the window and enjoy the ride.